Danielle, Grove City, OH

I called Matt with DMD Renovation after a bad storm came though. He came out with the owner Derek to look over the damage we had. They took pictures so that I could see what they were talking about. Both Matt and Derek walked us through the insurance claim along with our agent and even made sure to be at our home when the adjuster came out to do his inspection. Our damages were approved. Within a few days they had all work completed. Derek was on the job site throughout the whole day. The crew was courteous and cleaned up all around the house. Could not tell that they had been here by the time they left. Our roof looks amazing. One thing that I always appreciate in a business is when they take the time to explain anything and everything (sometimes twice) answer phone calls, texts or emails without having to send it a second time. Truly could not have hired a better company.

Jason, Grove City, OH

I want to say a big thanks to DMD Renovation LLC. They did an amazing job on our roof and with the recent weather in Grove City I would definitely give these guys a call and let them check out your roof even if you’re not sure if your roof is damaged. They will help you through the whole process and they are very professional.

Liz, Grove City, OH

Let me just say how amazing these guys are!! They started my roof at 7am and were done by 4. Not only were they fast…they were professional and clean! They put all my yard decorations back where they were, cleaned off my porch and there isn’t a single nail in my yard. I couldn’t be happier with their work! Thanks for the new roof y’all!!

Sarah, Columbus, OH

I love my new roof! DMD Renovation was fast, clean and very professional! I would highly recommend them!

Bryan, Commercial Point, OH

Big shout out to DMD Renovation for the professionalism. They made everything easy and were there every step of the way.

Richard, Grove City, OH

DMD did an excellent job installing our new roof. Exceedingly pleased!

James, Columbus, OH

I had a new roof and gutters put on my home. Derek, the owner, was great. He talked me through the process, had everything done in a very timely manner, and the work was top notch. I would highly recommend DMD Renovation and will not hesitate to use them again.

Ed, Grove City, OH

In recent months, Grove City was hit with a series of strong storms and even had a tornado touch down. Roofing companies had been coming by offering free inspections and a couple of them flew a drone over the house and said it was fine. We had some concerns because our roof was 13 years old and MANY homes in the neighborhood were getting new roofs. Several of the houses had DMD’s sign in the front yard.My wife asked one of her friends how the roof replacement went and she said it was great. So we decided to give DMD a call. I was at work when Ryan came out to inspect the roof and got the full report that night. He actually got up on the roof, inspected and photographed everything and even sealed a crack he saw at no cost to us..He told my wife that the roof needed to be replaced and explained his findings and assured her DMD would coordinate with State Farm through the entire claim. I was SUPER impressed after hearing about the free on-the-spot repair but I am incredibly skeptical of contractors in general. Contractors are generally all smiles until you get in contract; then there are price over runs or a multitude of other things that may go wrong.Ryan met State Farm out here about 3 weeks ago and explained the situation and damage. He got our roof and fence repair approved 100% (I cannot tell you how relieved I was). 2 days later Derek (the owner) came out to go over the paper work. If you never have filed a claim, it is HIGHLY confusing. He went over all the upgrades he would provide at no additional cost to us and helped us pick out a shingle (we actually went with his color recommendation). He went over the building code updates he would provide as well to bring the home up to current code.I grew up in sales and negotiate with people for a living… I could tell after about 5 minutes that Derek was a fair-dealing man. He was extremely professional, calm demeanor, wasn’t pushy and answered every single question we had. More importantly to me, we shook hands once we came to an agreement and then signed the contract. The construction started 2 days later. They were there on time and Derek and Ryan came out to supervise/direct their crew. I was at work but my wife said everyone was super polite and courteous. When I got home they were wrapping up and Derek and Ryan were still out there.THE ROOF LOOKED AMAZING!!! OUR FENCE WAS REPAIRED PERFECTLY!!!The job was cleaned up and there was absolutely no mess. Ryan actually had a big magnet he was running over the yard to get any nails that may have fallen. You could really tell they took pride in their work. Derek walked me around and showed me all that had been done. Then he broke out his high-speed drone and gave me a detailed aerial view of the construction and showed me the before and after. In the days after, Derek coordinated all the documentation with the insurance company (side note… State Farm was really awesome).I cannot stress how impressed I am with how DMD handled my claim. Derek and Ryan are true professionals and to be direct, they are good men. I give them the highest recommendation and will only use them in the future for any of my construction needs. Thank you DMD for a job well done!

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